The research training projects developed by the Young Researchers are summarized in the following table:

Number Research Training Topic Layer
I Risk-based Access Control DBMS
II Security Policy Enforcement and Monitoring PaaS
III Certification of Third-parties Applications PaaS
IV Automatic Security Analysis of Business Processes SaaS
V Automatic Analysis of Browser-based Security Protocols SaaS

They will address various aspects of access control in the DBMS and PaaS layers (Topics I and II), enhance the security and trust of third-party business applications in the SaaS layer (Topic III), and provide automated security analysis techniques to support the design of composed business processes in the PaaS layer (Topic IV) and of browser-based protocols that ease the use of business applications in the SaaS layer (Topic V).

By providing hands-on experience on a software infrastructure of industrial complexity SECENTIS will provide Early Stage Researchers with unparalleled research training opportunities.

SAP is embracing this (r)evolution by extending the availability of its software and by bringing businesses together with solutions that integrate on-premise and on-demand software with a complete and complementary set of tools to access enterprise data (e.g., fat, web and mobile clients).  These solutions are delivered to enterprises as a service ecosystem, where a full suite of enterprise software (including Human Resources, Supply Chain, Finance and Customer Relationship modules) are hosted in the cloud enabling partners and customers toadapt the system's capabilities or build cloud-based extensions. Ultimately, the SAP offer will provide end-to-end business processes across organisational boundaries able to support the emergence of a business market place for add-ons provided by Independent Software Vendors. The infrastructure is based on the following layered architecture that comprises a DBMS Layer, a PaaS Layer, and a SaaS Layer.