The selection process has been very competitive: we received 47 applications for only 5 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs).

This plot shows the breakdown with respect to the country of origin, gender and age of the applicants.



Brief overview on the Selection Process

The Selection Committee (SC) was composed by members of FBK, University of Trento, SAP France and TrentoRISE: Alessandro Armando (Chair), Roberto Carbone, Luca Compagna, Bruno Crispo, Fabio Massacci, Paolo Lombardi, Jean-Christophe Pazzaglia, Serena Ponta, Silvio Ranise, Antonino Sabetta, and Anderson Santana De Oliveira.

The call for positions was launched in February 2013 on the usual channels (e.g. EURAXESS) and by contacting individual researchers and research/academic organizations leveraging the network of contacts of the consortium (FBK, SAP, UNITN and TrentoRISE). The selection process was carried out in two sessions. The first deadline for applications was on March 11, 2013 (flyer) and 3 ESRs were selected among 40 people. They expressed the desire to work on the following topics: Security Policy Enforcement and Monitoring, Certification of Third-parties Applications, and Automatic Analysis of Browser-based Security Protocols. The second session (flyer) was held in May in order to find 2 more ESRs to be assigned to the following topics: Risk-based Access Control, and Automatic Security Analysis of Business Processes. In this case we received 7 applications.

In the first session the SC carried out an initial screening of the CVs and decided to interview 18 people by phone or Skype. The people who passed the first interview were asked to analyse three scientific papers and summarize them before a second interview. After this phase, 7 candidates have been shortlisted and invited to participate in a physical Selection meeting held in Trento at the end of May 2013. The meeting took one day and a half and ended with the choice of 3 ESRs: Mojtaba Eskandari, Stanislav Dashevskyi and  Avinash Sudhodanan.

In the second session all applicants were interviewed during virtual meetings with the supervisors involved in these research areas (in most cases a person of SAP and one of FBK).  Also these candidates were asked to do the report on 3 papers about the state of the art of some topics on security. The people who won this call were: Nadia Metoui and Daniel Ricardo dos Santos.

To select the candidates the SE used very stringent criteria. Among other things, were evaluated the knowledge of basic notions in computer science, the fluency in answering technical questions, and several skills such as problem solving, presentation, entrepreneurship and analytical.
After passing the selection process, the 5 ESRs had to enrol and qualify in the ICT Doctoral School of the University of Trento where another Committee evaluated their qualifications.

All of them successfully passed also this additional selection phase and are now working in the SECENTIS Project since September 2013.